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Welcome to Rangifer Health

Reindeer in Finnmark © M. Madalena das Neves

Welcome to the Rangifer health network website!

In 2010 a group of scientists/researchers of 7 Arctic countries working on hreindeer health topics decided to come together and form Rangifer-health network.

We had several goals in mind when we launched this endevour:

1. Establish an active platform for networking among researchers, students, stackholders.
2. Make an assessment of present research and future needs in reindeer health
3. Organize specific education programs for graduate students in reindeer health topics.
4. Enhance public awareness for reindeer health matters
5. Help fund the participation of students in reindeer research
6. Creat a website for dissemination of reindeer health research, education, news etc...

This website is therefore a central part of this project and we hope that with time, as more information is made available through this platform, it may be usefull to other reseachers, students, reindeer owners, managers, decision makers and to all those who have some curiosity or care about this unique animal of the Arctic, of which at least once a year, we all hear about as Santa drives his sledge around the world!

Again we appologize for the "slow" building of this platform and please dont hesitate in contacting us if you have any question, doubt, or if you would like to see some specific topic adressed here.

Greetings from the Arctic,

Dr. Carlos Goncalo das Neves, DVM PhD
Postdoctoral researcher and network manager
Norwegian School of Veterinary Sciences

SEMINAR: Reindeer husbandry as a resource for the society

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Uppsala - SWEDEN
3-4 December 2012
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SEMINAR: Animal Welfare in reindeer husbandry

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH)
13th December 2012
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